IEEE LifeTech に3件の発表が採択されました。

M2 大賀くん、春日くん、M1 永杉くんの研究成果が、国際会議 IEEE Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies (LifeTech 2020) に採択されました。

・Takahiro Oga, Ryosuke Harakawa, Yoko Matsuda, and Masahiro Iwahashi, “Correlation Analysis of Cyber-Physical Data for Flood Disaster Prevention: Case of Typhoon Hagibis,” IEEE LifeTech (to appear)
※ 環境社会基盤工学専攻 松田先生との共同研究成果です。

・Keisuke Kasuga, Ryosuke Harakawa, and Masahiro Iwahashi, “Classification of In-Vehicle Camera Images for Guardrail Inspection Support,” IEEE LifeTech (to appear)

・Yuya Nagasugi, Ryosuke Harakawa, and Masahiro Iwahashi, “Naturalness-Preserving Image Stitching Based on Optimal Seam Estimation Considering Parallax,” IEEE LifeTech (to appear)